Prabagaran Narayanasamy, PhD
Assistant Professor

Current Research: We are working on drug discovery and delivery against infectious diseases. We target MEP, Menaquinone and iron metabolism pathway for drug discovery and nanomedicines for drug delivery. We also study the basics of neurons development by targeting glyoxalase pathway. We utilize medicinal chemistry and microbiology techniques to achieve our goal.

Seoung Choi, Ph.D

BS Ajou University, Korea
PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Mississippi.

Current research: Gallium nanoformulation targeting human macrophages for the treatment of HIV—1/M. tuberculosis coinfection.


Joel Frandsen - 6th year PhD student

Research Area: glyoxylate cycle in neuroscience
Education: B.A., Morningside College, Sioux City, IA