Hematopathology Fellowship FAQ's

What fellowships are available at Nebraska?
Hematopathology, surgical pathology, gastroenterology/liver pathology, molecular genetics,  and clinical microbiology fellowships are all offered at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

How is vacation time handled?
We get four weeks of vacation per year. Usage of vacation days is flexible although somewhat dependent on the workload of the rotation and requires that appropriate coverage of interdisciplinary conferences,  and clinical duties has been arranged if necessary. In addition, communication with the attending on service is critical.

Do Heme fellows take call?
Heme path fellows do not take call.

What about fringe benefits such as book funds, travel funds or lunch programs?
We receive $1,000 per year for books or education expenses. In addition, if you present at national meetings, a portion of your expenses are covered. The university pays an additional $63 per month on top of your salary to help cover health/dental/life/eye insurance. We also get $7.00 per day (Monday-Friday) meal card to use at any of the hospital cafeterias or coffee carts.

How do fellows interact with the residents? 
The fellows put on slide unknown conferences, lead the Friday interesting case conferences,  and provide invaluable perspectives into the fellowship application process, boards and the job market.

How close do fellows park to the hospital?
Fellows are assigned a covered parking permit in a parking garage that is located in close proximity to the hospital. It takes less than five minutes to walk from your car to the department/hospital.