Take the Shot! Campaign Media Kit

Take the Shot! Campaign Media Kit

COVID-19 Campaign Posters - 8.5 x 11"
Influenza Campaign Posters - 8.5x11"
Social Media Campaign Imagery - 1080 x 1080px
Printable Campaign Fact Sheets in Multiple Languages
Campaign Billboards
Campaign Video Testimonials
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 COVID-19 Campaign Posters (Click on a Poster to view & download the full resolution version)

order-your-materials-here.jpgAll orders are free, there is a minimum order requirement of five posters for each poster design chosen.

275x_brian-mcgovern-poster.jpg 275xmahamad-ali-covid-8.5x11-english-poster.jpg 275x_8.5-x-11-mahamed-ali-somali-covid.jpg
275x_mona-zuffante-poster.jpg 275x_dr.-emily-dietle---1-poster.jpg 275x_dr.-emily-dietle-2-poster.jpg
275x_dr.-tara-kirkpatrick-poster.jpg 275x_ingrid-rodriguez-poster.jpg 275x_ingrid-rodriguez-poster.jpg
275x_memo-valdez-poster.jpg 275x_paw_burmese.jpg 275x_paw-bway-htoo-poster.jpg
275x_sahra-nur---in-somali-poster.jpg 275x_schulte-family-poster.jpg 275x_susan-littlefield-poster.jpg
275x_karen-penington-poster.jpg 275x_memo-poster.jpg
275xhekl1.jpg 275xhekl2.jpg 275xpastor-renee-massie-poster-copy.jpg 275xpastor-renee-massie-poster.jpg
275xjessemiles.jpg 275xjessemiles2.jpg

order-your-materials-here.jpgAll orders are free, there is a minimum order requirement of five posters for each poster design chosen.

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Influenza Campaign Posters (Click on a Poster to view & download the full resolution version)

275x_anna.jpg 275x_cindy.jpg 275x_jacqueline.jpg
275x_jenniferb.jpg 275x_jenniferw.jpg 275x_kylee.jpg
275xkamrie.jpg 275x_mahamede.jpg 275x_mahameds.jpg
275x_marke.jpg 275x_marks.jpg 275x_nancy.jpg
275x_ryan.jpg 275x_sara.jpg 275x_vargas.jpg

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  Social Media Imagery (Click on a Graphic to view & download the full resolution version)

275x_brian-mcgovern-1080x1080.jpg 275x_emily-dietle---2-1080x1080.jpg 275x_emily-dietle-1080x1080.jpg
275x_ingrid-rodriguez-1080x1080.jpg 275x_karen-penington-1080x1080.jpg 275x_memo-1080x1080.jpg
275x_mona-zuffante-1080x1080.jpg 275x_paw-bway-htoo-1080x1080.jpg 275x_sahra-nur-1080x1080.jpg
275x_schulte-family-1080x1080.jpg 275x_susan-littlefield-1080x1080.jpg 275x_tara-kirkpatrick-1080x1080.jpg
275x_spanish-ingrid-rodriguez-2-336x280.jpg 275x_spanish-ingrid-rodriguez300x250.jpg 275x_childrenvax.jpg

Next Week / Today / Tomorrow

300x_generic-next-week-1080x1080.jpg 300x_next-week---paw-1080x1080.jpg 300x_next-week---sahra-1080x1080.jpg
300x_next-week---schultes-1080x1080.jpg 300x_next-week--memo--1080x1080.jpg 300x_next-week-tara-1080x1080.jpg
300x_generic-today-1080x1080.jpg 300x_today---paw-1080x1080.jpg 300x_today---sahra-1080x1080.jpg
300x_today---schultes-1080x1080.jpg 300x_today--memo-1080x1080.jpg 300x_today-tara-1080x1080.jpg
300x_generic-tomorrow-1080x1080.jpg 300x_tomorrow---paw-1080x1080.jpg 300x_tomorrow---sahra-1080x1080.jpg
300x_tomorrow---schultes-1080x1080.jpg 300x_tomorrow-memo--1080x1080.jpg 300x_tomorrow-tara-1080x1080.jpg

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Printable Vaccine Information Fact Sheets in Multiple Languages
(Click on a link to download a version in your preferred language)

These fact sheets were developed by the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM) which is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support health departments and community organizations working with refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19.


English - Peds Fact Sheet
English - Long Fact Sheet
English - Short Fact Sheet

Spanish - Peds Fact Sheet
Spanish - Long Fact Sheet
Spanish - Short Fact Sheet
Spanish - PowerPoint (Narrated)

Arabic - Peds Fact Sheet
Arabic - Long Fact Sheet
Arabic - Short Fact Sheet

Burmese - Peds Fact Sheet
Burmese - Long Fact Sheet
Burmese - Short Fact Sheet
Burmese - PowerPoint (Narrated)
Burmese - PowerPoint (No Narration)

Dari - Peds Fact Sheet
Dari - Long Fact Sheet
Dari - Short Fact Sheet
Pashto - Peds Fact Sheet
Pashto - Long Fact Sheet
Pashto - Short Fact Sheet
S'gaw Karen - Peds Fact Sheet
S'gaw Karen - Long Fact Sheet
S'gaw Karen - Short Fact Sheet

Somali - Peds Fact Sheet
Somali - Long Fact Sheet
Somali - Short Fact Sheet
Somali - PowerPoint (Narrated)

Vietnamese - Peds Fact Sheet
Vietnamese - Long Fact Sheet
Vietnamese - Short Fact Sheet
Vietnamese - PowerPoint (Narrated)

Karenni - Long Fact Sheet
Karenni - Short Fact Sheet

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Campaign Billboard Graphics (click on a graphic to view & download the full resolution version)

275x_schultes-billboard.jpg 275x_susan-littlefield--billboard-copy.jpg

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Campaign Video Testimonials

Click Here to Download a 15-Second Audio-Only Vaccine Testimonial


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