Our Alumni

Alumni of the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program

The UNMC Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program has been fully-integrated with the UNMC College of Medicine, MD Program, since 1971; making it one of the two oldest MD/OMFS program in the country. We are proud of our rich heritage and the long-standing broad surgical training that has allowed our program to develop some of the specialty's best surgeons.

Throughout its history, the UNMC OMFS Program has strived to incorporate state-of-the-art surgical training with a strong didactic education. We appreciate and commend all of our alumni that have completed this rigorous and rewarding program.

Nicholas Anggelis, DMD, MD Overland Park, Kansas 2016-2022
Adam Robinson, DMD, MD Omaha, Nebraska 2016-2022
Kirsten Kimbler, DMD, MD Aberdeen, South Dakota 2015-2021
Blair Racker, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 2015-2021
David Keenan, DDS, MD Fargo, North Dakota 2014-2020
Tyler Holley, DDS, MD Jacksonville, Florida 2014-2020
Christopher Rae, DDS, MD Marquette, Michigan 2013-2019
Kelsey Gardner, DDS, MD Papillion, Nebraska 2013-2019
Bryan Williams, DMD, MD Eugene, Oregon 2012-2018
Eddie Brotkowski, DDS, MD Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 2012-2018
Jesse Gray, DDS, MD Billings, Montana 2011-2017
Karen Howard, DDS, MD Columbia, South Carolina 2011-2017
Melissa Moutray, DDS, MD Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2011-2016
Clay Van Leeuwen, DMD, MD Fairbanks, Alaska 2010-2015
Eliza Drobny, DDS, MD Mount Prospect, Illinois 2010-2015
Dayne Jensen, DMD, MD Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2009-2014
Saman Vahedi, DDS, MD Los Angeles, California 2009-2014
Srinivasa Ramachandra, BDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 2012-2013
Douglas Reid, DMD, MD Santa Fe, New Mexico 2008-2013
Scott Redlinger, DMD, MD Reno, Nevada 2007-2012
Maurice Jenkins, DDS, MD Provo, Utah 2007-2012
Jared Brown, DDS, MD South Jordan, Utah 2006-2011
John Wewel, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 2006-2011
Ryan Green, DDS, MD Abilene, Texas 2009-2010
Jeffrey DaBell, DMD, MD Pocatello, Idaho 2005-2010
Richard Chau, DMD, MD Richmond, British Columbia 2005-2009
Thomas Kolodge, DDS, MD McMinnville, Oregon 2004-2009
Brent Henriksen, DDS, MD Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2003-2008
Michael Shnayder, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 2003-2008
A.J. Stosich, DDS, MD Salt Lake City, Utah 2002-2007
David Haralson, DMD, MD Seattle, Washington 2002-2007
Bradley Hammond, DDS, MD Surprise, Arizona 2000-2006
James Barton, DDS, MD Richfield, Utah 1999-2005
Jeffrey Payne, DDS, MD Stockton, California 1999-2005
Troy Petersen, DMD, MD Grand Forks, North Dakota 1998-2004
Valmont Desa, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebrasaka 1998-2004
Diane Pennington, DMD, MD St. Mary's, Georgia 1998-2003
Jason Miller, DMD, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1997-2003
Rudy Schneider, DDS, MD West Fargo, North Dakota 1997-2003
David Ehsan, DDS, MD San Francisco, California 1996-2002
Brian Chisdak, DMD, MD Bozeman, Montana 1994-2000
David Robbins, DDS, MD West Des Moines, Iowa 1994-2000
David Kimberly, DDS, MD Akron, Ohio 1993-1999
Martin Tahara, DMD, MD Stillwater, Minnesota 1993-1999
Kenneth Phillips, DMD, MD Sacramento, California 1992-1998
Mathew Gordon, DDS, MD San Antonio, Texas 1992-1998
Carl Kimbler, DMD, MD Aberdeen, South Dakota 1991-1997
Joseph Camarata, DMD, MD Overland Park, Kansas 1991-1997
David Wise, DDS, MD Charleston, West Virgina 1990-1996
James Green, DDS, MD Gainesville, Florida 1990-1996
Douglas Monasebian, DMD, MD New York City, New York 1989-1995
Granger Wong, DMD, MD Sacramento, California 1989-1995
John Engel, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1988-1994
J. Supancic, DDS, MD Visalia, California 1988-1994
Mitchell Henry, DDS, MD Lincoln, Nebraska 1987-1992
Michael Bailey, DDS, MD Boise, Idaho 1987-1992
Jeffrey Lewis, DMD, MD Ithaca, New York 1986-1991
Margaret Delmore, DDS, MD Sacramento, California 1986-1991
David Arteaga, DMD, MD Melbourne, Florida 1985-1990
Stephen Wendt, DDS, MD Fremont, Nebraska 1985-1990
David Moyer, DDS, MD South Portland, Maine 1984-1989
Lyle Nelson, DMD, MD Vancouver, Washington 1984-1989
Bruce Kuhn, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1983-1988
James Ruskin, DMD, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1982-1987
Thomas Laney, DDS, MD Moses Lake, Washington 1982-1987
John Bennion, DDS, MD Billings, Montana 1981-1986
Michael Robinson, DMD, MD Edgewood, Kentucky 1981-1986
Daniel Lydiatt, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1980-1985
Ronald Hollins, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1980-1985
David Tenhulzen, DMD, MD Tualatin, Oregon 1979-1984
Martin Tilley, DDS, MD Kearney, Nebraska 1979-1984
David Hunt, DDS, MD   1978-1983
Gregory Minton, DDS, MD Dallas, Texas 1978-1983
Harold Tu, DMD, MD Minneapolis, Minnesota 1977-1982
Ronald Northrop, DDS, MD Fresno, California 1977-1982
Robert Hunt, DDS, MD San Diego, California 1976-1981
Walter Maimon, DDS, MD   1976-1981
Gregg Peterson, DDS, MD Grand Island, Nebraska 1975-1980
Ronald Lowry, DDS, MD   1975-1980
J. Edwards, DDS, MD   1978-1979
Robert Mraule, DDS, MD Salinas, California 1974-1979
Steven Miller, DDS, MD Yakima, Washington 1974-1979
Albert Cutri, DDS, MD San Diego, California 1973-1978
Leroy Heldt, DDS, MD Vacaville, California 1975-1978
Michael Kochel, DDS, MD   1972-1977
William Buchanan, DDS, MD Austin, Texas 1972-1977
Gregory Sears, DDS, MD Norfolk, Nebraska 1971-1976
Richard Tempero, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1971-1976
Gerry Gienger, DDS, MD   1970-1973
Gordon Starbuck, DDS   1970-1973
Terry Kullbom, DDS   1970-1973
James Bird, DDS, MD Napa, California 1969-1972
James Morgan, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1969-1972
Jerry Schoettger, DDS   1968-1971
Mackay Hull, DDS, MD Billings, Montana 1968-1971
Leon Davis, DDS, MD Omaha, Nebraska 1967-1970
James Wickless, DDS Lincoln, Nebraska 1967-1970
Stuart Heydt, DDS, MD   1967-1970

To learn about the application process in becoming a resident at the UNMC Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program, and joining our esteemed group of Program Alumni, please click here.