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Scholarly Activity

Dr. Stephen Rennard at White Board

Fellows engage in scholarly activity and a range of clinical and bench research, as well as Quality Improvement projects.

Fellows may select a project and use up to 10 months of elective time to initiate and complete the project.

Completion of an online fellow research symposium is required and a research committee will help the first-year fellow select a project and mentor.

Fellows are encouraged to attend one national meeting per year, paid for by the division, with the expectation that an abstract will be submitted to the meeting.

Faculty Research Interests

Scholarly Activity by Current Fellows

Dr. Kaitlin Branick:
Quality of Life of patients greater than 1 year after hospitalization for COVID-19 related respiratory failure

Dr. Mollie Brittan: 
Safety of Lumbar punctures for patients on anticoagulation

Dr. Amber Johnson:
Effect of MyD88 Signaling Pathway on Airway Muc5ac and Muc5b in Response to Organic Dust Exposure

Dr. Samih Khauli:
Systematic Review article: Safety of bronchoscopy in patients with pulmonary hypertension

Dr. Jacob West:
Retrospective Study on Phenobarbital Efficacy in the ICU - Review on safety of phenobarbital initiation. Hypothesis is phenobarbital is safe to administer on a non ICU floor

Scholarly Activity Resources for Fellows