Disability Advocacy & Family Leadership

Advanced Interdisciplinary Leadership Training (600 hr.)

Eligibility: Parent or sibling of a person with a disability. Undergraduate degree strongly preferred

This intensive, interdisciplinary training program includes didactics, research, community learning and leadership, practicum experiences and interdisciplinary training clinics in the area of neurodevelopmental disabilities, with a focus on developing the skills of family members to advocate for children and families experiencing a disability or complex health care need and to promote needed systems change. Family trainees represent the family perspective in all training activities. This program begins July 1 and ends on April 30 each year. Recruitment begins in January. Stipends are available.

Disability advocacy and family leadership

Disability Advocacy Leadership Training (in development)

Eligibility: Adult with a disability

The Nebraska LEND program is developing a training curriculum for individuals with a disability who wish to become leaders in the field of disability advocacy. Disability advocacy trainees would participate alongside family members and professional trainees in the 600-hour Advanced Leadership Training Program.