Leadership Training Program

Advance Interdisciplinary Leadership Training (600 hr.)

Eligibility: Graduate students, residents, postdoctoral fellows and practicing professionals

This intensive, interdisciplinary leadership training program includes didactics, research, community-based learning and leadership, clinical practicum experiences and interdisciplinary training clinics in the area of neurodevelopmental disabilities. A cohort of 10-12 trainees, postdoctoral fellows and practicing professionals from any of 15 various health and allied disciplines participate in this program from July 1 through April 30 each year. Recruitment begins in January. Stipends are available.

Leadership training program in lend

Core Leadership Training (80 hr.)

Eligibility: Graduate students, residents and postdoctoral fellows

The Nebraska LEND program offers a Core Interdisciplinary Leadership Certificate to clinical trainees at the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute who are not participating in the LEND Interdisciplinary Leadership Certificate curriculum or the LEND Autism Leadership Academy. The core training curriculum provides a primarily clinical focus for about 75 trainees each year to build skills and experience in the core competency areas of interdisciplinary practice, family-centered care and cultural competency, as well as to develop knowledge of life course theory and its practical application.