School Age

As children age, their entry into school allows them new opportunities to develop new friendships and widen their social skills and social circles.

Resources for School Age children

This is the central rationale behind children with disabilities’ need for special education rights within educational programs. Parents/guardians are legally required to be included in making certain that the child is receiving a free appropriate public education (FAPE) with the appropriate supports.

Childcare and Respite

Nebraska’s Child Care Match

Program offers a comprehensive listing of licensed childcare providers in the state. The database is searchable by ZIP code and can be filtered to show providers who offer have staff able to work with children with complex health needs and who have accessible facilities. The site also provides information about childcare subsidies and other types of financial assistance.

Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network

Site provides a list of independent respite providers and agencies who have been screened by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to provide respite. The database is searchable by ZIP code and county. It offers a list of in-home, out-of-home and crisis respite providers.

Special Education and Accommodations in School

Resource provides an overview of special education, including general information, family rights and a list of advocacy and legal organizations available.

Health Programs

Provides an overview of programs available to help individuals and families pay for medical services and supplies. (Please note that when an individual reaches the age of majority, age 19 in Nebraska, they often become eligible for Medicaid because their parents’ income is no longer figured into eligibility).

Financial Assistance Programs

Provides an overview of state programs available to help individuals and families with low incomes pay for basic needs such as food, housing and utilities. It can also assist with disability-related expenses.

Nebraska’s Home and Community Based Medicaid Waivers Programs

Provides information about Nebraska’s home and community based Medicaid waivers and residential services. It lists developmental disability provider agencies located across the state.