Tele-Behavioral Health Consultation for Providers

Tele-Behavioral Health Provider Consultations

The UNMC Tele-Behavioral Health Consultation Team (TBHC) provides mental healthcare support to primary care providers in Nebraska who are managing patients with behavioral health problems. This includes individuals who are providing services to children, adolescents and young adults through age 21. Providers are available to offer guidance on diagnosis, medications and psychotherapy interventions to assist primary care providers in better managing patients in their practices. Support is available through phone and synchronous audio/video teleconference consultations to referring primary care providers.

The UNMC TBHC Team is supported by

an award from Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NEDHHS). The award is made possible by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program, Grant No. U4CMC32322, with NEDHHS as lead state agency. The contents of the project are the responsibility of UNMC MMI and do not necessarily represent official views of, or endorsement by, HRSA or NEDHHS.

The goal of the Pediatric Mental Health Care Access (PMHCA) Program

is to increase access to pediatric mental healthcare across Nebraska. The TBHC Team works to meet this goal by providing guidance and consultation to primary care providers across greater Nebraska, so they feel more confident managing the mental and behavioral health needs of their patients. This will allow many children, adolescents, and young adults across Nebraska to receive quality care locally.

Meet the Team

The TBHC Team is made up of three child and adolescent practitioners: one psychiatrist, one developmental behavioral pediatrician, and one psychiatric nurse practitioner/licensed psychologist. All three providers have experience providing tele-behavioral health services and consultation with primary care providers.

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TBHC Webinar Series:
Intended for primary care providers in Nebraska, the TBHC webinar series seeks to provide PCPs with tools to increase confidence and competence in managing psychiatric and behavioral health concerns in primary care. This series will assist in managing depression, sleep concerns and autism in the pediatric primary care setting, as well as understanding and addressing the effects of COVID-19 on children and adolescents.

FAQs and Resources

How does it work?  

The primary care provider (PCP) initiates a request electronically or by phone. There is at least one member of the TBHC Team available on most business days to ensure a prompt response. Consultation services are available Monday through Friday during business hours. This service is only available to PCPs who are Enrolled Providers (see "Who can participate?".)

  • The enrolled provider (or a representative, like a nurse or care coordinator) can submit information via the link on this webpage above to 'Submit this form to request a consultation.'
  • The enrolled provider or their representative may also request a consultation by calling Dani Porter at 402-559-3838 or by email.

The PCP will be asked to provide basic information regarding the patient/situation of interest. The Consultation Team member will not request any identifying information that would violate the patient’s confidentiality and does not document in a medical record.

As we are not able to guarantee an immediate response to a consultation request, a request can be made by a representative for the enrolled PCP, such as the clinic's behavioral health provider or a support staff member. The consultation can be arranged for a time when the enrolled PCP is available to discuss with one of our expert team members. PCPs can generally expect to receive a response from one of the team members within 48 business hours.

Who can participate?  

This service is available to PCPs who are Enrolled Providers in the program. Enrolled Providers have agreed to data reporting requests required by this project and limited requests to participate in training and technical assistance with the project. Providers who have a signed Enrolled Provider Agreement on file are invited to participate in the program.

How do I sign up?  

A PCP may express interest in becoming an Enrolled Provider via email.

Enrolled providers:

  • Wish to seek tele-behavioral health consultation from the expert team
  • Will agree to data reporting requests required by the project; and
  • Will agree to limited requests to participate in training and technical assistance with the project.
What is not included?  

The UNMC Tele-Behavioral Health Consultation Team (TBHC) is not an emergency/referral service. Emergency consultations over the phone or via synchronous audio/video teleconference are not provided. If a PCP contacts the team about a case requiring an emergency intervention, we will attempt to offer more appropriate resources. 

TBHC Team members do not prescribe medication or provide ongoing treatment, but rather support PCPs as they provide care. For those cases beyond the scope of the PCP, the Consultation Team will offer referrals to local or regional clinicians.

What information should I provide during a consultation?  

We strive to provide consultations efficiently and effectively. After you submit a request, you will be contacted by our consultation coordinator to schedule a phone or synchronous audio/video teleconference consultation via a HIPAA-compliant system (i.e., Zoom) with one of the Consultation Team members. Please provide the best method for contacting you (e.g., cell phone, email, office phone number).

Please have the following information ready during your scheduled consultation:

  • Patient’s first initial
  • Patient’s age
  • Psychiatric, developmental, and social history
  • Relevant medical/surgical information
  • Current and past psychotropic medications
  • Family psychiatric history
  • Safety/risk concerns

The more background information you are able to provide, the better consultative guidance the Team can provide.

Thank you in advance for your preparation.