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Olson Women's Health Resource Center

Olson Women's Health Resource Center Lobby

The Women’s Health Resource Center, which opened in 1994, provides women's health education to the community, patients, health care providers, and students in the Omaha area and even nationwide. The walk-in facility is adjacent to the Olson Center for Women's Health clinic waiting room. Housing over 200 brochures, an extensive resource library, a computer terminal for patients to research educational websites, and full-time staff, the Resource Center is a valuable asset to the UNMC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. For those outside the Omaha area, efforts are made to make our educational services available for all.

The Resource Center provides education on the various topics of women’s physical and mental health, as well as the occasional lighter health topics such as nutrition, cooking, and hobbies.  The goal of all the programs we offer is to keep all women healthy and well,  and are therefore not limited to women who receive care at the Olson Center for Women’s Health clinic. When possible, all of our programs are available for women within the Omaha area, and even nationwide.

All events offered to the community by the UNMC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are managed by the Women's Health Resource Center.  To receive a complete list of what the Resource Center has to offer you, including the small and large educational events (for the community and those health care providers seeking continuing education credit), quarterly women’s health newsletter,  and wellness program offerings, you may call us at (402) 559-6345  or complete our online notification forms.

Childbirth and breastfeeding classes for new parents are coordinated through Nebraska Medicine’s Women's and Infant Services.  More information about these classes can be obtained by calling (800) 922-0000 or visiting their website.

The Olson Wellness Exchange

The Olson Wellness Exchange is a free membership club for all women managed by the Olson Women’s Resource Center that features a quarterly newsletter, discounts on Olson Center events, recipes, and wellness safety tips.

Health Fairs

Every year, the Resource Center exhibits at area health fairs and conferences, to educate women about their health and wellness. If you are organizing a health fair and would like to incorporate women’s health, please contact the Women’s Health Resource Center at olsonwhrc@unmc.edu or call 402-559-6345.

Resources and Wellness Outreach

The Women's Health Resource Center not only complements the health care that is provided in the Olson Center for Women's Health but many events are also provided in collaboration with experts across UNMC.  Event video recordings may be available.

Women's Health Resource Center Staff

Lana Molczyk

Olson Center Resource Manager


Lana Molczyk
Candyce Dunlap

Olson Center Resource Associate


Candyce Dunlap
Rachel Slowik

Media/Communications Specialist


Rachel Slowik
Deb Vaca

Office Assistant II


Deb Vaca