Abenaya Muralidharan, PhD

Department Affiliations
Postdoctoral Trainee, Reid Lab

Education and Training
PhD, Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2019
BSc, Honours Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2014
BASc, Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2014

Honors and Awards
Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fellowship, Government of Canada, 2021-2024
Nominated for University of Ottawa Best PhD Thesis Award, 2019
University of Ottawa Conference Travel Grants, 2019
Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), 2016-2018
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Graduate Award, 2015-2016
University of Ottawa Excellence Scholarship for Graduate students, 2015-2019
Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship, 2009-2013

Notable Publications
Abenaya Muralidharan, Louise Larocque, Marsha Russell, Marybeth Creskey, Changgui Li, Wangxue Chen, Gary Van Domselaar, Terry Cyr, Lisheng Wang, Xuguang Li. PD-1 of Sigmodon hispidus: Gene identification, characterization and expression in inactivated RSV vaccineinduced enhanced respiratory disease. Sci Rep, 2019 Aug 12; 9(1).

Abenaya Muralidharan, Marsha S. Russell, Louise Larocque, Caroline Gravel, Simon Sauvé, Ze Chen, Changgui Li, Wangxue Chen, Terry Cyr, Michael Rosu-Myles, Lisheng Wang, Xuguang Li. Chitosan enhances inactivated vaccine elicited protection against respiratory syncytial virus. Vaccine, 2019 Jul 9; 37(30).

Marsha S Russell, Marybeth Creskey, Abenaya Muralidharan, Changgui Li, Jun Gao, Wangxue Chen, Louise Larocque, Jessie R Lavoie, Aaron Farnsworth, Michael Rosu-Myles, Carole L Yauk, Jingxin Cao, Gary Van Domselaar, Terry Cyr, Sean (Xuguang) Li. Unveiling integrated functional pathways leading to enhanced respiratory disease associated with inactivated respiratory syncytial viral vaccine. Frontiers in Immunology, 2019 Mar 6.

Muralidharan A, Russell M, Larocque L, Gravel C, Li C, Chen W, Cyr T, Lavoie JR, Farnsworth A, Rosu-Myles M, Wang L, Li X. Targeting CD40 enhances antibody- and CD8-mediated protection against respiratory syncytial virus infection. Sci Rep, 2018 Nov 9; 8(1).

Russell MS, Muralidharan A, Larocque L, Cao J, Deschambault Y, Varga J, Thulasi Raman SN, Li X. Identification and characterisation of the CD40-ligand of Sigmodon hispidus. PLoS One, 2018 Jul 27; 13(7).

Muralidharan A, Gravel C, Duran A, Larocque L, Li C, Zetner A, Van Domselaar G, Wang L, Li X. Identification of immunodominant CD8 epitope in the stalk domain of influenza B viral hemagglutinin. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2018 Jul 12; 502(2):226-231.

Muralidharan A, Li C, Wang L, Li X. Immunopathogenesis associated with formaldehydeinactivated RSV vaccine in preclinical and clinical studies. Expert Rev Vaccines, 2017 Apr; 16(4):351-360.

Gravel C, Elmgren C, Muralidharan A, Hashem AM, Jaentschke B, Xu K, Widdison J, Arnold K, Farnsworth A, Rinfret A, Van Domselaar G, Wang J, Li C, Li X. Development and applications of universal H7 subtype-specific antibodies for the analysis of influenza H7N9 vaccines. Vaccine, 2015 Feb 25; 33(9):1129-34.