UNMC Paraffin Tissue Bank

Service Price Quantity
De-identified tissue from PTB    
Tissue procurement - Unstained slides $5.50 per slide
Tissue procurement during non-business hours $30.00 per sample
Core Tissue, sub-block, 1, 2, or 3mm punch $20.00 per punch
Paraffin Curls $3.50 per block
Review of slides by pathologist $45.00 15 minutes
Slide Box $6.50 100 Slide Capacity
Fresh procurement/special processing $22.00 Per sample
Note: Tissue microarray (TMAs) with designated construction by the UNMC Paraffin Bank, Coming Soon.    
Material from clinical archives
(Nebraska Medicine Anatomic Pathology archives) 
Slide requests for research purposes to the
Nebraska Medicine Slide Room (2009-present)
$2.00 per case, slide or block
Request to pull and return blocks for research purposes by the PTB Staff $2.00 per block
Slides/Blocks (prior to 2009)  $70.00 per case, slide or block

NOTE: All PTB fees are issued separately from those charged by the Tissue Science Facility for staining and image analysis.  Please see the TSF website for more information.

Additional fees may be applied for special distribution, shipping or handling (if applicable).