Pathology Student Interest Group

The primary objective of Pathology Student Interest Group (PSIG), in the UNMC Department of Pathology and Microbiology, is to encourage enthusiasm for pathology and to raise awareness among students about the crucial role pathology plays in modern medical practice. We hope to educate medical students about pathology as a career in medicine as well as provide mentors to students interested in pathology. The meetings are informal, interactive discussions between medical students, pathologists practicing at UNMC and in the community, and pathology residents on campus. Students will also be able to participate in experiences such as clinical laboratory tours, and other hands-on activities.

Pathology and Microbiology Clinical Grand Rounds

11-02-2022 Smith, Emily H. "High-Risk Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer - A Clinicopathologic Perspective"

10-05-2022 Sirintrapun, S. Joseph "Implementation of Digital Pathology and AI MSKCC"

09-07-2022 Fullter, Gregory N.  "The Status of Neuro-Oncologic Diagnostic Medicine in 2022"

06-15-2022 Stubbs, James R. "The Platelet Supply and Potential Strategies to Mitigate Future Supply Shortages"

06-01-2022 Galen, Anjela "Instructive Cases from Yale"

05-04-2022 Fuller, Gregor N. "PRISM and Miliary Metastasis"

03-16-2022 Bishop, Justin A. "Newly Defined (and REcently Refined) Salivary Gland Tumors"

02-02-2022  Cook, James: "Updates in Marginal Zone Lymphoma".

01-05-2022 Mammen, Joshua, "Soft Tissue Sarcoma: The 50-headed Hydra"

12-01-2021 Cannatella, Jeffrey (John), "Applied Mathematics and Pathology - What is Artificial Intelligence and How to Integrate it into Your Research"

10-06-2021 Yuan, Ji (Jane), "Aggressive Lymphoma Mimics Traps to Avoid in Hematopathology"

09-01-2021 Medlin, Jennifer, "Autoimmune Skin Disease: Rheum/Derm Clinic Experience"

06-02-2021 Pei-Ling Chen, "Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma: A Cancer of Skin-Homing T-cells"

04-07-2021  Panarelli, Nicole: "Role of TMEM Doorways in Dissemination of Pancreatic Ductal A-denocarcinoma"

Upcoming conferences and lectures:

2nd Tuesday of each month
Autopsy Conference 
UNMC COM medical students contact Kim Martin for additional information.

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A Tale of Two Fungi

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