Courtesy Faculty

Courtesy Faculty

Iqbal Ahmad

Iqbal Ahmad, PhD

Research focus:  Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neural stem cells/progenitors maintenance and differentiation

Michele Aizenberg Ansari, MDMichele Aizenberg
Jyothi ArikkathJyothi Arikkath, PhD

Research focus: Molecular mechanisms that regulate neuronal structure and plasticity and elucidate how these mechanisms influence neural circuit formation and function.

Hamid Band

Hamid Band, MD, PhD

Research focus:  Regulation of receptor signaling by endocytic traffic; Cbl-family and CHIP ubiquitin ligases; EHD-family endocytic recycling regulators; mouse genetic models.

Stephen Bonasera

Stephen Bonasera, MD

Research focus: Age related changes in brain function.

Tatiana BronichTatiana Bronich, PhD

Research focus: self-assembling polymer materials and applications of these materials in medicine.

Anna Dunaevsky

Anna Dunaevsky, PhD

Research focus:  Learning induced structural and functional synaptic plasticity, neuron glia interactions and neurodevelopmental disorders

Frederick Hamel

Frederick G. Hamel, PhD

Research focus: Degradation of insulin and its relationship to insulins mechanism of action; polypeptide hormone metabolism; diabetes mellitus

Tomas HelikarTomas Helikar, PhD 

Research focus: computational systems biology, technology development, and STEM education.

Tammy KielianTammy Kielian, PhD

Research focus:  Immunology of infectious diseases, focus on how Staphylococcus aureus biofilms evade immune mediated clearance; Juvenile Batten Disease, focus on mechanisms leading to neuron loss in this pediatric lysosomal storage disease

Yutong Liu, Ph.D.

Yutong Liu, PhD 

Research focus: Neuroimaging and image processing

 Scott NawyScott Nawy, PhD

Research focus: Understanding of information processing in the retina at the level of individual synapses and receptors; molecular mechanisms by which synaptic information is modified by short and long-term changes in the visual scene in the healthy retina; how synapses are altered by diseases of the retina. 

Nora Sarvetnick

Nora Sarvetnick, PhD

Research focus: Factors that contribute to the auto-inflammatory destruction of tissues

 Tony WilsonTony Wilson, PhD

Research focus:  Human cortical neurophysiology and imaging in healthy development, cognitive aging and neurodegenerative diseases

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