The Ogallala Aquifer Mascot Competition

The Ogallala aquifer needs a mascot

Just below our feet, almost everywhere we walk, is the country's 6th great lake. The Ogallala Aquifer spans 174,000 square miles and is used for drinking water and irrigating farmers' crops.

This amazing natural resource deserves recognition! We need your help bringing more awareness to this natural resource in Nebraska!

We are asking you to create a mascot for the aquifer.

The mascot should represent the aquifer's spirit and all it gives to our state. Draw the mascot, give it a name, and tell us the mascot's backstory

The winner will receive a prize of $250, the runner-up $150, and five honorable mentions $50.

Winners will be announced in March of 2024! As the winner, you will be publically recognized. We might also interview you and ask you to talk about how you came up with your winning idea.

* See contest rules for more information and details. 

If you're using a screen reader, please see our accessible Olgallala Aquifer Mascot Competition Form.