2020 Lectures

2020 Berggren Lecture Series

Berggren Lecture Series - Session 1

Paul Estabrooks, PhD, presents the work and successes of Drs. Warren and Gretchen Berggren and is followed by three MPH students, Heidi Hostert, Katelyn Goodroe, and Jacey Hain, who describe their applied-learning experiences in supporting community responses to address the pandemic. The Berggren Lecture Series honors the legacy of the Berggrens by exploring ethical solutions to public health and primary care issues exemplified by these student presentations.

Berggren Lecture Series - Session 2

Ruth Berggren, MD, MACP, is a Professor of Medicine - Infectious Disease at UT Health in San Antonio, the Director of the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, and daughter of Warren and Gretchen Berggren. Here Ruth discusses her experience caring for patients and populations in the wake of disasters and provides lessons learned in the aftermaths of recent disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti Earthquake, and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Berggren Lecture Series - Session 3

Sharon Stoolman, MD, a pediatrician and Associate Professor in the Division of Hospital Medicine at UNMC and Children's Hospital and Medical Center, discusses the disparate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on racial minority communities. Dr. Stoolman explores the historic origins of healthcare disparities in the US and Omaha, reviews the current racial/ethnic disparities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and identifies the social determinants of health that affects risk. 

Berggren Lecture Series - Session 4

Armando De Alba, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Promotion at UNMC, focuses on health disparities during COVID-19 and advancing health equity. He describes how social determinants of health can cause disparities in the healthcare system in general and during COVID-19 in particular.  

Berggren Lecture Series - Session 5

Keith Hansen, MBA, the Co-Director of the Center for Preparedness Education and the Co-Executive Director of the Association of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals at UNMC, presents "Communicating During Crisis: What Do I Tell Whom, When, and How." Keith details the importance of crisis communication, describes different ways in which people process information during a crisis, and outlines the principles of crisis and emergency risk communication.