Current PhD Students

Meet our current PhD students in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research:

Cody Goessl, MS, LAT

Diabetes prevention, physical activity, nutrition, health literacy and health disparities...

Meagan Helmick, MPH, CHES

Food Insecurity, Chronic Disease, Nutrition, Built Environment, Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR)...

Sarah Hortman, MS, RDN

Community Health and Wellness, Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention, Built Environment, Food Insecurity, and Local Food Systems...

Eric R. Meyer, MA

Former Police Officer (Omaha and Lincoln Police Departments), Previous research in sex offender legislation, and Previous research in violent crime in Omaha, NE...

Gwenn Porter, MS

Physical activity and nutrition behavior change, Weight control, Program evaluation...

Marisa Rosen, MPH

My research interests are in adolescent and women’s reproductive health, specifically access to reproductive health care and sexual health literacy...

Sonja Franziska Tutsch, MPH, BSED 

Universal School-Based Mental Health Promotion Programs, Population-Based Psychosocial Interventions, Coping Resources, Coping Processes, and Resilience, Influence of Environmental...

Sharalyn Steenson, MS

School-based and youth advocacy approaches, International collaboration in childhood health research, Multilevel health promotion intervention design and research, and Community mobilization...

Martha Wells, MPP 


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