Research Administrator Day

Sept 25 is Research Administrator Day.  Recognize, Appreciate, Celebrate

National Research Administrator Day is a time to acknowledge the contributions made by research administrators. We encourage everyone to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the many ways research administrators support UNMC research.

Research administrators serve an important role in assisting the facilitation of research at UNMC. While their responsibilities are varied and multifaceted, anyone who aids in the pursuit and management of external funding within your college, institute, or department may be a research administrator. How are you getting ready for Research Administrator Day?

RECOGNIZE: Custom Thank You Message

Recognize the contributions of your research administrators with the UNMC community with custom thank you messages to show your gratitude. Fill out the request form linked below to have a custom thank you message created, which will be sent to your research administrator during the week of Sep. 20.

Messages submitted via the form may also be shared via social media to highlight the important work research administrators do at UNMC. Identifying information in the messages will be removed prior to posting. You will be notified if your response is selected to be shared on social media.

Custom Thank You Message Form

APPRECIATE: Research Administrator Cards

Appreciate your research administrators by sharing these Research Administrator Day cards. There are four card designs below to choose from. You can either send the cards electronically by email as an image, or you can send the cards physically by printing. Both options are available below.

To save an image to email a card, right click the image link desired and select "Save to" to save a copy on your computer.

  Thanks for all you do.  Happy Research Administrator Day!  We appreciate you

Email Image

Printed Card

  Research Administrator. Because miracle worker isn't an official job title. Happy Research Administrator Day!

Email Image

Printed card

  You put the pro in proposal. Thanks for all you do!  Happy Research Administrator Day!

Email Image

Printed Card

  The peer review is in, and everyone agrees... You're the best!  Happy Research Administrator Day!

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Printed Card


CELEBRATE: People Are Everything

Celebrate your research administrators on People Are Everything. To acknowledge the efforts and commitment of UNMC’s Research Administrators, UNMC’s Department of Human Resources, Sponsored Programs Administration, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research collaborated to create a Research Administrator e-card in UNMC's online reward and recognition platform, People Are Everything (PAE). The card is located in the "Custom E-Card" section.

All employees can send e-cards to any research administrator they would like to acknowledge. To send a card, just log into the People Are Everything site using your UNMC NetID and password. In PAE, employees also have the option to send points (and receive) points. PAE also can be accessed by phone or other electronic devices using the People Are Everything link. The link is also available on the UNMC Homepage. Simply click on the, “Thank a Colleague” Link and log in.

Send a message to celebrate their great work for Research Administrator Day.
People Are Everything