Celebrating Research & Innovation

The Vice Chancellor for Research has teamed with UNeMed, UNeHealth, McGoogan Library, Faculty Development, the Academy of Interprofessional Educators, and Nebraska Medicine to celebrate the achievements of our Inventors and Researchers with an exciting month of activities.

Events and activities are planned throughout the month. Faculty, staff, and students can find ways to get involved below.

#MyUNMCResearch Campaign

Research Month will be marked this October with a celebration of UNMC researchers. Throughout the month, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to share their stories of what they love about research at UNMC. 

The UNMC community is invited to describe how UNMC has helped you grow as a researcher by submitting your stories on this form. Responses may be highlighted on social media and other promotional materials.

2021 Schedule

Wednesday, Oct. 6

■ Great Plains IDeA-CTR Annual Scientific Meeting | Zoom | 12-5 p.m. | Website
Distingusihed speaker presentations on statistical approaches for studying early-life experiences and their impact, data makes the difference, leveraging community partnerships to develop innovative research designs, creating engineering innovations. Register here.

Thursday, Oct. 7

■ 2021 UNMC College of Medicine Campus Retreat | Zoom | 8 a.m.-1 p.m. | Website
Organized jointly by the COM Research & Development Committee and the Great Plains IDeA-CTR, this event will include UNMC faculty research talks, breakout discussions, distinguished speaker presentations. Register here. (Note: Same registration as the Great Plains IDeA-CTR Annual Scientific Meeting)

■ Diversity Supplement Seminar | Zoom | 4-5 p.m. | Calendar Event
NIH has developed a mechanism to support diversity candidates interested in or developing their research career, including undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, by providing a supplement mechanism on top of funded grants, either at the time of initial submission or after funding award notice has occurred. Learn more about this funding mechanism from faculty who have been successful in receiving these as well as one of our faculty who applied and was awarded a diversity supplement and how it helped launch her research career. Zoom link. (Passcode: 549477)

Tuesday, Oct. 12

■ Tech Talk | Zoom | 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Open to anyone interested in learning more about MS-based proteomics in facilitating life science research and its role in addressing key questions. Join the event to hear more about instrumentation (HRMS, MALDI TOF), routine sample analysis, customized proteomics approaches, and case studies. Zoom registration here. 

Friday, Oct. 22

■ E-Health and Mobile Health Technologies Summit | Zoom | 2-4 p.m. | UNMC Today Article
Open to anyone working with or interested in developing e-health and mobile health technologies, this event will include speaker presentations and breakout rooms for participants. Topics discussed throughout the afternoon will include the promise of electronic health tools, collaborative resources available, and an overview of what should be considered with mobile health technologies and requirements to assure information security. Register here.

Library Research Resource Videos

DigitalCommons@UNMC (2:36) - showcase and increase the visibility of your research and scholarly output https://echo360.org/media/6be591de-58a9-49fd-bafd-a1fe5c986993/public  

ORCID ID (2:00) - manage a record of your authorship and research activities with this persistent identifier https://echo360.org/media/dd7f683b-6880-4367-968e-38c9eaeb41d9/public  

Your Google Scholar Profile (2:06) - Improve your researcher brand by creating your Google Scholar profile. https://echo360.org/media/29d49532-35f8-4f95-94c8-fae3df664422/public

Your Scopus Author Profile (2:38) - Improve your research brand with your Scopus Author Profile https://echo360.org/media/28cbfb34-966b-4b03-a097-1d57cd5312e0/public

Systematic Review Process: How Can Your Librarian Help? (20:47) - An introduction to the systematic review process with a focus on those portions of the process that can be completed for you by a librarian co-author. Handout: http://webmedia.unmc.edu/library/SRProcess-handout.pdf   
Video: https://echo360.org/media/ecef9876-2cf7-48ed-9d83-98c9778a26bf/public

RefWorks: RCM for Word (2:01) – Learn how to add the RefWorks Citation Management tool in Microsoft Word and creating in-text citations and reference lists using RefWorks. https://echo360.org/media/24c24889-b04e-4cbf-ab4e-ab108b084474/public

RefWorks: Collaborating (2:25) – This video shows the different options on how to share your citations: sharing folders, adding colleagues to projects, and creating a quick bibliography. https://echo360.org/media/33ccb7f2-fa49-447d-8724-23e3fe47c1d9/public

RefWorks: Importing PubMed Records (2:24) – Learn how to import citations from PubMed to RefWorks, and adding the citations to folders. https://echo360.org/media/e9bb1dee-4f78-4018-95fa-652c12933bec/public

RefWorks: Creating Folders and Modifying Preferences (2:02) – This video walks you through the steps on how to create RefWorks folders, project sites, and modifying how you view and read the citation records added from databases. https://echo360.org/media/4b190c6e-ce64-4a7c-808d-30ec1f3dc6a5/public