Research Interest Groups

The UNMC Vice Chancellor for Research Office is working to develop larger, more inter-disciplinary, collaborative research interactions and teams that can answer complex research questions and lead to new research grants.

Faculty were surveyed to identify areas with the greatest amount of interest. Based on 266 survey responses, these areas were then grouped into categories, which are likely to be the starting point for identifying the final research interest groups.  See the survey results.

Select a listserv from the menu at right to join a group or contact Linda Wilkie  (402-559-7649) if you do not see a listserv for your interest group. Faculty members interested in identifying or, in some cases, re-identifying their interest in one or more groups should also contact Linda Wilkie.

Other questions about the project may be submitted to Ken Bayles, PhD, Howard Fox, MD, PhD, or Chris Kratochvil, MD