Effective from July 1 2022, RITO uses rates below for Services and Support.



Charge Rates


Regular Services included in SLA


SLA: Service Level Agreement

On-site services included in SLA


SLA: Service Level Agreement

Ad-hoc remote services


Submit request on Remedy:  http://tiny.cc/rito-help

Ad-hoc on-site services


Submit request on Remedy:  http://tiny.cc/rito-help

Ad-hoc REDCap non-systematic technical services


Submit request on Remedy:  http://tiny.cc/rito-help

REDCap systematic technical services

No charge

Systematic issues affect all UNMC REDCap projects

REDCap project annual hosting fee


After first 30 days from initiation

Service for NON-UNMC Users




Other RITO Services charges:





Physical Server Deployment

  • Physically move to RITO lab and/or data center
  • Install OS
  • Available OS options
    • Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS / Rocky
    • Free BSD (FreeNAS / True NAS
    • Windows (latest)
  • Configure (creating users, locking down to secure the OS)
  • Setting up Remote management
    • For server
    • For OS
  • In case storage server, request user groups from InfoSec
  • Physically present to configure the server network connectivity
  • Work with ITS operations, and Networking.

$1800 - $2000 (30+ SLA hours)

Windows server OS is offered at discounted cost from Microsoft Academic Program or from ITS. RITO pays the fee to Microsoft. Today ITS is not charging any fee for Windows license.  Complex server deployments need to be discussed with RITO. Our fees are $90/hr.

Contact rito@unmc.edu for more details.


Physical Server service and support

The cost varies depending on the level of maintenance required.  Contact rito@unmc.edu for details.

Average $1000/year for storage server and fee varies for other server types.

Average physical server requires about 1.5 hrs. per month.

VM Database Server

  • 4 core, 4 GB, 100 GB Hardware
  • Install OS, SQL server or MongoDB, or MariaDB

Average cost - $1500 year 1

$200 each for next 2 additional years

Open source Software cost is covered.

RITO provides only small scale servers.

RITO will provide service and support. Users do not get root admin rights, However, the users get access to database server. Each use case is different, contact RITO and discuss.

VM App Server

  • 1 core, 4 GB, 20 GB Hardware

$1200 year 1

$200 each for next 2 years, installing and configuring app server (apache) cost vary ($60/SLA hr.).


RITO provides only small scale and non-mission critical servers. All Windows Servers infrastructure will be provided by ITS/NM.

Web programming and database development

PHP, and Python will used to develop web applications. MVC architectural framework is used for all web applications unless otherwise other technology is required.  By default, web apps will be connected to MariaDB. SQLServer & Postgres can be provided on request.

$60/SLA hr. effort rate

RITO strongly recommends Service Level Agreement (SLA) for web application development.

Mobile App Development

UNO Science and Technology Team provides this service.

Contact rito@unmc.edu for details


Data Storage

Visit RITO storage web page


On-Premise and Box storage. RITO data recovery fee applies when files are deleted by the user accidentally ($90/hr.) and request to recover files from our backup. Outside of initial configuration request, additional user management requests will incur $90/hr. fee.

SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive Storage

Visit ITS web page.

No cost but contact ITS helpdesk for latest information.



Visit REDCap web page.

$250/year/project hosting.



Download from the vendor web site. For more details visit RITO web site.

Contact rito@unmc.edu for details.



Visit RITO web site for user account request.

Contact rito@unmc.edu for details.


Freezerworks / FreezerPro

Lab Inventory Management System

Contact rito@unmc.edu for details.



Visit RITO web site for additional information on training and support topics.

Contact rito@unmc.edu for details.