Parkinson's Disease Self-Management Study

Mobile app for Parkinson's Disease management

About the Study

This research study will examine the feasibility of the Balance Capture (BACA) mobile health application to promote patient self-management of symptoms and communication in individuals with Parkinson's Disease. This research seeks to better inform the management of Parkinson's Disease while also testing the usability of BACA. Find more details in the study flyer or video below.

Expectations for Participants

In-person or Remote Training Session
  • Study overview and BACA smartphone app tutorial
  • Time commitment: 10 hours or less
In-home use of the BACA App
  • Balance status and mobility tracking
  • Twice a week for four weeks
Patient Surveys
  • Self-report on health and self-management practices
  • BACA user-experience and satisfaction
  • Completed over telephone or teleconference (Zoom)
  • Overall experience and recommendations


Claire Yao
Communication Lead

Phone: 402-559-8836

Study Eligibility

The study is seeking individuals with a clinical diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease:
  • Who are aged 19 years or older
  • Who have the ability to walk for 10 meters with or without an assistive device
  • Who have the ability to perform balance status tests independently
  • Who are Apple or Android smart phone users

Principal Investigator 

Kelly Gonzales, PhD