Resident Life


Pictured above (from left to right) is our inaugural class of resident physicians in dermatology: Dr. Dillon Clarey, Dr. Ritu Swali, and Dr. Tyler Evans. As a "start-up" residency program, at UNMC Dermatology, residents have a major say in the structure and day-to-day of function of their residency experience.  Please see below to get to know our residents better!

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Our residents have a dedicated resident library where didactic sessions are held and where they have individual desks for studying and doing administrative work.  They have an extensive electronic and print library of dermatology textbooks and two large, side-by-side touchscreen LED screens for the highest-resolution educational sessions.  There is also a refrigerator, comfortable lounge chairs, and an adjacent breakroom and kitchen.

Resident Library.jpgDr.-Evans-at-his-Desk.jpg

UNMC also has a brand-new House Officer Wellness Lounge where residents can enjoy the institution's House Officer Wellness Lounge (HOWL).  This is a shared house officer lounge that offers:



Get to Know our Residents


Name: Dillon Clarey, MD

: Columbus, NE

Fun Fact: He is a big fan of current events and enjoys reading local newspapers (Omaha World Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, Columbus Telegram, Argus Leader, among others).

Reasons for choosing UNMC Dermatology's resident program: I served as the postdoctoral research fellow at UNMC Dermatology in the academic year 2019-2020. From that time, I knew I would be surrounded with faculty and supporting staff who were passionate about patient care and had a strong desire to advance dermatologic care in the state of Nebraska. Further, the mentors at UNMC Dermatology are second to none and truly care about resident and medical student education.

Reason for going into dermatology: I am fortunate and grateful to have had exposure to dermatology in my first year of medical school despite UNMC not having a dermatology department at that time. After seeing nearly every other field of medicine and going on several away rotations, I knew dermatology was the right field for me.

Favorite thing about dermatology: The wide variety of dermatologic presentations and the workup involved with them, the diversity in patient age, the ability to have a profound impact on the quality of life of other individuals and to be able to follow many of these individuals long-term, and the opportunity to grow teledermatology in Nebraska.

Favorite thing about Omaha: The people. I also like being close to family in Columbus and being only an hour from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln sporting events (alma mater, GBR).



Name: Tyler Evans, MD

Hometown: Waverly, NE

Fun Fact: Played football for the Cornhuskers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Reason for choosing UNMC Dermatology's resident program: The people are amazing. Everyone in the department really makes resident learning a priority. They go above and beyond what is required of them to make sure we are taken care of. We are really spoiled here at UNMC.

Favorite thing about dermatology: The variety. You get to do surgery, complex medical dermatology, pediatrics and even cosmetics all in the same day. It is a great mix of a lot of different aspects of various medical specialties.

Favorite thing about Omaha: Omaha is a great city to live in. I think that most people are surprised when they come to Nebraska and expect nothing but corn fields. Omaha is actually a very 'foodie' city and my wife and I enjoy trying new restaurants throughout the city. The cost of living is low, which is nice on a resident salary. And of course, going to a Husker football game in Lincoln is the best!



Name: Ritu Swali, MD

Hometown: Houston, TX

Fun Fact: Loves travel planning almost as much as she loves traveling.

Reason for choosing UNMC Dermatology's resident program and to go into Dermatology: I chose dermatology since we get to be the expert of one organ, from clinician and pathologist, to surgeon and aesthetician. UNMC Dermatology makes the resident learning experience special since the faculty and staff are enthusiastic about making us well-rounded dermatologists and supportive about our personal goals and ambitions.

Favorite thing about dermatology: Making beautiful people feel confident in their own skin.

What she is looking forward to doing in Omaha: This is the first time I’ll be living in a city with seasons, so I am excited about surviving a snowy winter!