University of Nebraska Medical Center

Resident and Program Evaluation

How the residents are evaluated

An important piece of the residency program is how the residents are evaluated. The process by which residents are evaluated includes:

  • Formal evaluation: The attending physicians evaluate the residents by completing evaluations in an online system at the end of each rotation.
  • Informal evaluation: Residents receive direct feedback from faculty immediately after each procedure.
  • The faculty Clinical Competency Committee compiles/reviews all feedback received on individual residents in order to provide a formal milestone six-month assessment.
  • And each resident meets with the program director two times a year to discuss milestones met and to ensure the resident is on track with goals to proceed through the program.

How the residents evaluate the program

Our residents are offered several ways to evaluate the program, including:

  • Formal evaluation: The residents submit program evaluations in an online system.
  • The residents participate in a monthly program director’s meeting in which they talk about their experiences in the past month and provide feedback to the program director and coordinator about the strengths and opportunities of the program.
  • Anonymous feedback may be submitted via an online survey.
  • Residents may participate in the Program Evaluation Committee.