University of Nebraska Medical Center

Surgical Experiences

Residents practicing their laparoscopic skills

Our residents perform obstetrical and gynecological surgeries throughout all four years of the program. They move up from assistant to primary surgeon as they progress through the program and become adept with operating, and they advance to more complicated cases.

Our goal for the OB-GYN residents is for them to exceed the minimum number of required deliveries and surgeries per the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Case Log Information so that when they graduate from the program they are skilled surgeons in this specialty. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education publishes data annually for each graduating resident and the residency programs. The data for 2018-2022 is available on this document for our graduated residents and portrays the median surgical experience from all four of their residency years.

Surgical Simulation

The residents participate in surgical simulations that include cesarean section, vaginal suturing, cervical cerclage, obstetric perineal laceration repair, laparoscopic surgery, and surgery using the da Vinci robotic simulator, as well as vaginal and operative vaginal deliveries. These simulations provide valuable opportunities for the residents to practice and enhance their surgical and procedural skills, which is a real benefit to their patients.