Application Procedure & Form

Tissue Bank Database Search
Investigators should send a brief description of specimens requested (e.g. tissue type, tissue size) and tissue usage (e.g. extraction of DNA) to the tissue bank personnel. The tissue bank personnel perform searches in the database to determine the availability of specimens requested. Please see full list of personnel and contact information at Contact Us.

Requisition for Specimens
If the specimens requested are available in the tissue bank, investigators will submit a completed request to the tissue bank personnel. A completed request needs the following three documents:

  1. A copy of the IRB approval letter for the specified project.
  2. A completed Tissue Procurement Request Form
  3. A brief description of the specified project and specimen usage

When the completed request is received by TPSR personnel, it will be reviewed for clarity and then forwarded to the Tissue Utilization Committee. The Tissue Utilization Committee will review the application and recommend approval or disapproval.

When significant volume of a tissue is requested by several investigators and supply is limited, the following algorithm is followed for assigning priority:

When the Tissue Utilization Committee has approved the request, TPSR personnel will inform investigators and arrange transportation. Certain fees may be applied for distribution, e.g. shipping if applicable.