Certificate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology

The professional Certificate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology (CIDE) offers instruction on the concepts, methods, and application of epidemiological principles related to infectious diseases.  With the growing challenges resulting from the global spread of infectious diseases, practitioners of public health have a greater need for epidemiological tools to identify and control infectious disease when they appear. This certificate will provide public health practitioners with knowledge and understanding of infectious disease epidemiology, including study design, data collection, analyses, and interpretation of study findings.

Program Requirements

Core Curriculum
A total of 18 credit hours are required for completion of the Certificate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology.
Core Courses: 9 Credit Hours

CPH 504 Epidemiology in Public Health

3 cr hrs

CPH 506 Biostatistics I

3 cr hrs

CPH 623 Infectious Disease Epidemiology

3 cr hrs

Elective Courses: 9 credit hours selected from the list below:

CPH 624 Advanced Infectious Disease Epidemiology

3 cr hrs

CPH 628 Principles of Epidemiologic Research

4 cr hrs

CPH 631 Emergency Preparedness: Protection

3 cr hrs

CPH 650 Biostatistics II

3 cr hrs

PAMM 509 Immunology

2 cr hrs

PAMM 550 Medical Microbiology

3 cr hrs

Total Credits:

18 cr hrs