Budgeting for DMS

Each application for research funding should include a budget for data management and sharing. This budget should be included as part of your overall budget for the project on either:

Please see the NIH’s Budgeting for Data Management and Sharing webpage here https://sharing.nih.gov/data-management-and-sharing-policy/planning-and-budgeting-for-data-management-and-sharing/budgeting-for-data-management-sharing#after for links to the forms, information on allowable costs, and how the budget will be assessed.

UNMC Budget Worksheet

The following budget worksheet has been created for UNMC researchers to estimate data management and sharing costs. This worksheet shows how to estimate a budget, showing each broad category of the data management and sharing lifecycle, how many hours to project for each activity based on the size of the grant request, and the justification for inclusion into a budget.

Because not all researchers will need to budget for every item on this list, a cost calculator is forthcoming. This cost calculator will help researchers customize a data management and sharing budget for individual project proposals.

Please note that all activity hours are estimates; we underscore that a researcher’s individual project may require more or fewer hours over the lifespan of the project. Also note that a research project may or may not contain data management for every item on this list. For instance, not every project will need image management, in which case a researcher not using image data would be expected to omit that item from that project’s overall budget.

Download the Budget Worksheet (PDF)