Submitting Your DMS Plan

Starting January 25, 2023 and thereafter, the NIH requires applicants to use the FORMS-H application package, which is a new, updated application package that incorporates the new DMS Policy requirements.

This new FORMS-H application package should be used for:

The major changes to the FORMS-H application show two new additions for submitting the plan and budget items, as described in the following sections:

DMS Plan (narrative created with DMPTool)

After creating your DMP Plan narrative using the DMPTool, you will attach it under the "Other Plans" section of the appropriate PHS 398, which may be different depending on the type of application:

For more details, see the highlighted sections in the annotated forms for the Research Plan or Career Development Award Supp Form.

DMS Budget (costs & justification)

You will use the R&R Budget Form to add budget items pertaining to the Data Management and Sharing Plan in two places:

See the highlighted sections in the annotated form for the R&R Budget Form.

DMS Budget Guide

UNMC is working to develop a budgeting guide along with a "menu" of DMS costs that can be used by investigators and administrators as you develop your DMS budget. This website will be updated with this content once it is developed.

Note: Failure to include a budget for DMS costs may result in your project not having sufficient funds to meet the guidelines laid out in the NIH's DMS Policy and/or your specific management and sharing needs as described in your DMS Plan. It is better to budget for something (and potentially have the NIH cut things back) rather than not budget at all.