Writing Your Plan (DMPTool)

The NIH has provided a sample Data Management and Sharing Plan format page that you may use to assist in preparing the document. You can also see the format page with example responses here.

The NIH recommends that the Data Management and Sharing Plan document, which should be in a narrative format, is not more than two pages in length.

Your DMSP must include information pertaining to:

You can find detailed definitions of each of these components on the NIH's Grant Guide or learn about these elements and see UNMC-specific examples here

To draft your plan, UNMC requires that you use DMPTool, an online Data Management Plan builder that uses the 2023 NIH template to quickly guide you through the process. UNMC's Sponsored Programs Administration office expects investigators to use this tool to develop their DMS Plans.

DMPTool Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to gather answers to new questions and update this page. For general questions about data sharing, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I ensure that the summary text provided by DMPTool to guide me through the writing process does not appear on my downloaded data management and sharing plan? 

When you are about the download your data management and sharing plan, under download settings, the “question text” box is automatically selected. Unselect that box. That de-selection ensures that the summary text provided by DMPTool is not downloaded with your plan. See the following webpage for further customization of your data management and sharing plan: https://www.unmc.edu/spa/policies/nihdmsp/writing/dmptool.html  

Can I get feedback on my data management and sharing plan before turning it in with my application? 

Yes. Use the Request Feedback option in DMPTool. You can also email researchdata@unmc.edu directly. Please allow a 48-business hour turnaround time for a full review. 

I have PIs from other universities as well as my own university who are a part of my grant. Can they access the draft data management and sharing plan on DMPTool? 

Yes. After “Project Details,” there is a “Collaborators” tab. Click on that tab. You will see two titles: “Project Contributors” and “DMP Collaborators.” You will need to add the Principal Investigators to BOTH Project Contributors AND DMP Collaborators. After adding PIs to “DMP Collaborators,” you can “Invite collaborators” via email and give them permission to comment on the data management and sharing plan. They will receive an email from DMPTool notifying them that they’ve been added to your data management and sharing plan. 

Can I add references, hyperlinks, or URLs to my data management and sharing plan? 

No. NIH policy explicitly prohibits the use of hyperlinks in any grant application materials, and the new data management and sharing plain is no exception. The NIH may withdraw your application from consideration if you include hyperlinks. Please see the NIH’s policy on hyperlinks here: https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-20-174.html