Grant Editing Support

The Research Editorial Office is a core facility of the Vice Chancellor of Research. We provide UNMC faculty members with editorial support by reviewing and editing near-final drafts of grants and manuscripts. Faculty with joint appointments at UNMC and the VA may also be eligible.

Our office has contributed to successful NIH (including many R01 proposals), DoD, Nebraska State legislature, and many other grant awards, and to publications in high-impact journals. Faculty across the various schools and disciplines at UNMC have benefited from our work, including authors at all career stages, levels of writing experience, and language or cultural backgrounds.

Editing can include light editing (proof-reading and copy editing) or deeper editing for appropriate and effective language, style, and document structure. Formatting to agency guidelines is also possible (add 1-2 days to the request time).

The current cost of editing is $32.00 per hour for manuscripts and other projects. The VCR subsidizes grants editing at 59.4%, for a cost of $12.99 per hour to the investigator. Incoming grants take priority over other editing projects (even if submitted earlier), so be aware that manuscripts may require additional time. We require a minimum of 7 days for return to the author, so be sure to allow enough time prior to deadlines. 

All requests must be made through the Redcap “Research Editorial Request Form” at the top right of this page.

Please fill out the form completely, including the cost center number for billing, and upload your document into the request form.

For more information, please send an email to