Service Rates

Grant Editing:

(subsidized for UNMC Faculty to $12.99/hour)

Manuscript Editing:


The Vice Chancellor for Research subsidizes UNMC Faculty members grant editing service at 59.4%; faculty must provide a cost object to cover the remaining 40.6% for a realized hourly rate of $12.99.  

Manuscript editing fees are not subsidized.  

To request grant or manuscript editing services, click the red "Editorial Service Request Form" button to the right. 

Grant Success Story/Testimonial

GRANT'S FIRST SUBMISSION (before working with Editorial Grant Specialist Melody Montgomery):
Percentile: 44%

GRANT'S SECOND SUBMISSION (after working with Editorial Grant Specialist Melody Montgomery):
Percentile: 6% (Funded $1.7 Million)

“I replied to ALL of the comments, reached for perfection, did not leave a stone unturned, and asked for your help (which made a BIG difference). Also I must have had good karma (which is often referred to as good luck.)” Dr. Mohammad Siahpush, Professor and Chairperson, College of Public Health