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Physician Finance: Disability Insurance

What if something prevents you from working as a doctor? The financial investment you’ve made, the years spent training, all the energy you have invested to get to this point could all be wiped away by an unpredictable illness or event that leaves you disabled. Through disability insurance, you can protect the investment you have […]

Jan 31, 2024

Physician Finance: Careers in Medicine

The unique skill set and knowledge base acquired in medical schools provide various career options for medical professionals. As a medical professional, you can tailor your career to fit your personality, skills, and goals. Additionally, the ongoing advancements in technology and medical research provide exciting opportunities for those in the medical field to learn and […]

Nov 21, 2023

uBEATS has moved!

Please visit unmc.edu/ubeats to find out how to access the modules.

Aug 14, 2020