Procedure Lab

The Procedure Lab is often an educational highlight for procedural comfort and experience.

The Procedure Lab consists of residents taking turns performing rare and/or critical procedures in a controlled environment, typically done quarterly. This has many benefits. Residents get a chance to perform the procedure on cadavers, task trainer or other simulated materials (including 3D printed models) which allows for more realism. The procedures are performed in an educational setting which increases comfort with the procedure when it emergently needs to be performed. Procedures are also done with faculty present which allows for a discussion on indications for the procedure, alternatives to the procedure, or even alternative approaches to the procedure. Residents are able to prepare for the procedure using curated resources provided by our faculty team.

This lab also creates another environment for research into methodology of education, and implementation of new procedures or approaches to procedures.

The lab is set up and run in association with the College of Medicine Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy. The cadavers are prepared with light embalming to maintain the integrity of the tissues as best as possible.