Simulation Lab

Emergency Medicine Resident Simulation Lab


We go as a group to the simulation lab every month to practice procedures and use high fidelity simulators to run through critical cases.


The Simulation Lab has proven to be effective in preparing the Residents for critical cases. Residents will typically run through two to four different scenarios during the lab. These scenarios are multi-modality. While a resident assesses the "patient," orders may be entered, imaging studies reviewed and therapies implemented. Mannequins have been equipped to have physiologic responses that are appropriate to their presentation, subsequent declines or recoveries and responses to treatment. Following the scenario, there is a debriefing session with an attending who will give appropriate criticism - praising early diagnosis and appropriate management and pointing out missed critical actions as necessary. These cases tend to be either critical, such as cardiac arrest, or rare, such as tricyclic antidepressant overdoses. Other scenarios may include managing multiple patients and trouble-shooting issues related to procedures such as intubations and tube thoracenteses. Residents have found these situations to be high yield and drive home points that they may only have read about prior to the lab.




This lab also creates another environment for research into methodology of education, and assessment of certain procedural skills.

 Sim Man and Sim baby used during simulations.

ultra                Sim Lab Branecki Santa Belly
NE truck Outdoor sim
 Sim Lab Gridlocked game  
  Sim Lab Prep Faciotomy Sim Langenfeld Demonstrates
  Christmas Sim Halloween Sim
  Outdoor sim Radio and ER team  Outdoor Sim Barn
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