Cardiac Genetics - Adult

arms and hands outstretched with index fingers and thumbs joined to form a heart, shadowed against a blue sun-lit sky; wisps of wheat in the foreground; credit Cory Clay from Pixabay

Many diseases of the heart muscle (called cardiomyopathies) or heart beat rhythm (arrhythmias) are caused by underlying genetic factors that can run through families. Individuals known to have these conditions can benefit from genetic counseling and genetic testing by determining the specific cause of their condition. The results of this genetic testing can also be used to determine who in the family is at risk of developing these heart conditions.

The cardiac genetics clinic is a service available to adult patients with current diagnoses of hereditary heart disease or individuals with family histories of these types of heart disease. Patients seen in this clinic will meet with a cardiologist and a genetic counselor familiar with these conditions.

Patients are typically seen at Nebraska Medicine’s Heart and Vascular Center at Oakview.

Doug Stoller, MD
Angela Yetman, MD
Drew Cratsenberg, MS, CGC