Prenatal Clinic

Most babies are born healthy. Prenatal genetic counselors specialize in helping families with babies suspected to have or diagnosed with a birth defect or genetic condition.

Genetic counselors are available to meet with patients regarding their concerns during pregnancy. Routine services provided include interpretation of family and medical histories, education on inheritance, testing, resources and management of a birth defect or genetic condition, and encouragement of patients to take an active role in their health care. 

Pre-conceptual counseling is also available and may include discussion of genetic carrier screening, prenatal screening for birth defects and chromosome disorders such as Down syndrome and Trisomy, genetic risk of recurrent pregnancy loss and family history of birth defects or genetic conditions, and recurrence risk assessment after having a child diagnosed with a genetic condition.

Typical reasons for referral include:

Our Prenatal Genetic Clinics are available at two locations and include a session with a licensed and certified genetic counselor.

Brittany Bowman, MGCS, CGC
Angela Cox, MGC, CGC 
Sara Fisher, MS, CGC