Down Syndrome Clinic

Baby in white knit bunny ears cap, laying on belly on green fur; Credit Gigin Krishnan from Unsplash

This clinic provides follow-up counseling, resources, and health maintenance information for families of children under 1 year of age who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

MMI medical genetics providers see infants suspected to have Down syndrome. This initial evaluation take place while the newborn is still in the hospital or in one of MMI's pediatric genetics clinics. At that time, blood for chromosome analysis is obtained to confirm the diagnosis, and the family receives initial genetic counseling. This involves our physicians and our hospital genetic counselors. The family is given resource materials on Down syndrome, and offered a follow-up appointment in MMI Down syndrome clinic. 

If the family desires, the baby is seen for a one-time follow-up visit in this clinic, the Down Syndrome Clinic at MMI. Families can schedule this appointment by calling 402-559-6418. At this visit we review genetic counseling issues (such as - genetic test results, how did the baby get an extra 21 chromosome, what are the recurrence risks for the parents and other family members, and options for prenatal diagnosis), and we discuss recommendations for health care and other resources including school services and parent support organizations.

Beth Conover, MS, APRN, CGC

More information: Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services - Down syndrome

Appointments can be made for individuals who are older than 1 year of age at Children's Nebraska Down Syndrome Clinic.