Postdoctoral Fellowship

Center for Autism Post Doctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis Track

2021-2022 Academic Year

The Munroe-Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska invites applicants for its Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis Track beginning as early as July, with August and September start dates available. Postdoctoral training experiences are available in the Early Intervention program, the Autism Care for Toddlers clinic, Pediatric Feeding Disorders Department, and Severe Behavior Department. We begin reviewing applications December 1 and will continue reviewing applications until we identify an appropriate candidate and in the event that we can accommodate additional positions. We accept postdoctoral research associates for one-year appointments within all of our programs. Postdoctoral fellows receive a variety of training opportunities related to conducting supervision for clinical cases and implementing research protocols for the purpose of improving clinical services for individuals with developmental and behavioral disorders. Prospective postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to contact the faculty member with whom they would like to work. You can find contact information on the faculty list

(approximately 4 positions)

These positions are designed to provide interdisciplinary training in research and the provision of clinical services for individuals with genetic and behavior disorders and their families.  Training occurs within the fertile clinical, research, and teaching environment of the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to develop an area of clinical expertise, to begin a corresponding programmatic line of research, and to acquire the grant-writing skills necessary for securing extramural funding. The study and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, pediatric feeding disorders, and severe destructive behavior are emphasized in this position, but individuals may also pursue the study and treatment of other genetic and behavior disorders.

Please send a vita, a letter of interest describing relevant qualifications and specific programs/faculty with whom you are interested in training, and contact information for three references to Christy Williams.