The Cytology Laboratory Service provides cytodiagnostic consultation and cervical cancer screening services in support of patient care activities at Nebraska Medicine and numerous other healthcare organizations throughout the state of Nebraska and neighboring states. Headed by Dr. Subodh Lele (clinical services) and Dr. John Baker (education), the laboratory processes approximately 20,000 cervicovaginal specimens and 4,000 non-gynecologic specimens annually, including over 700 fine needle aspirate (FNA) specimens. Most FNA procedures performed on the medical center campus are attended by cytology technical personnel, and smears are prepared on site. Pathologists are available for intraprocedural assessment of FNA specimens, as well as performance of FNA procedures on superficial, palpable masses, upon clinician request.

Technical services are provided by four ASCP certified cytotechnologists, one of whom holds Specialist in Cytotechnology (SCT) certification, and two cytopreparatory technicians. Cytopathology staff includes five board certified anatomic pathologists, three of whom hold added qualification in Cytopathology.

Questions regarding cytology testing procedures and availability can be directed to Jennifer Fontana at 402-552-3113.