Transplantation and Liver Pathology

Solid Organ Transplant Pathology
In providing support to the highly successful solid organ transplant programs at UNMC, our department has acquired significant expertise in evaluating the post-transplant biopsies from these patients. Our experience includes liver, small intestine, heart and pancreas allograft biopsies.  The transplant pathology group is headed by Dr. Stanley Radio and includes Drs. Geoffrey Talmon and Benjamin Swanson.  For questions or consultation, please contact Dr. Radio or his associates.

Renal allograft biopsies are examined by our renal pathology group.

Liver Pathology
The Liver pathology group has thirty years of experience with liver allograft pathology.  The group is led by Dr. Stan Radio and assisted by Drs. Geoffrey Talmon, and Benjamin Swanson. We would welcome the opportunity to assist with any challenging cases that you may encounter.