The UNMC dermatopathology service is headed by Dominick DiMaio, M.D. and includes specialist, Scott R. Lauer, M.D.  A wide range of services are available for the examination of dermatopathology specimens received at the UNMC, including a wide panel of immunoperoxidase stains, direct immunofluorescence staining, fluorescence in situ hybridization staining and molecular studies to determine the presence of either T cell or B cell clonal populations in the evaluation of cutaneous lymphomas. From 2009-2010, a total of 4,067 dermatopathology cases were reviewed of which 1,350 represented outside slide consultations and 222 direct immunofluorescence specimens. 

Any questions regarding dermatopathology specimens can be direct to Dr. DiMaio 402-559-5233.