Molecular Diagnostics

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is a full-service clinical laboratory offering tests in all areas of molecular diagnostics, including infectious disease, inherited conditions, molecular hematology, molecular oncology, and pharmacogenetics. The comprehensive test menu is continually being updated with the newest diagnostic tests to help clinicians and pathologists provide the most appropriate and state-of-the-art care. Multiple full-time faculty members are involved with clinical case reporting and test validation.  Allison Cushman-Vokoun, MD, PhD, and Jesse Cox, MD, PhD are the laboratory's medical directors and are board certified in Molecular Genetic Pathology with expertise in solid tumors and inherited diseases.  Timothy Greiner, MD, is an expert in molecular hematopathology.

For medical or technical questions regarding the Molecular Diagnostics laboratory, please contact Dr. Cushman-Vokoun at 402-559-4186. 

Medical Directors Director Histocompatibility  Laboratory Manager
Allison Cushman-Vokoun, MD, PhD
Jesse L. Cox, MD, PhD

Jesse L. Cox, MD, PhD 

Sophia Hauxwell 
Phone: 402-559-5104 or E-mail