Molecular Forensics

Human DNA Identification Laboratory

The Human DNA Identity lab provides methods for determining the person of origin for biological specimens. These methods can be applied to resolve issues of parentage, as well as suspected tissue or body fluid specimen misidentification. We also provide testing of physical evidence for law enforcement agencies and private attorneys. 

The Human DNA Identification Laboratory utilizes industry standard methods compliant with ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)/ISO17025:2017 for Forensic DNA testing. Our laboratory is able to upload evidentiary DNA profiles into CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) to compare against other cases and convicted offenders.  Application of our methodology can be used to determine identity in the following circumstances:

Our laboratory has provided DNA-based testing since 1996.  We continue to be on the forefront of identity testing, soon being able to offer next-generation sequencing testing for the purposes of ancestry analysis, including hair and eye color.

Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy Testing
Forensic investigative genetic genealogy (FIGG) is a valuable tool for solving violent crimes such as homicides or sexual assaults, and identifying human remains from missing persons investigations.  The Human DNA Identification Lab is accredited to offer SNP sequencing testing with the ForenSeq Kintelligence kit, and in conjunction with law enforcement and genealogists provide investigative leads in these important unsolved cases.  This testing may be utilized with items of evidence, or DNA extracts, and also includes ancestry and hair/ eye color predictions.  Please call Mellissa Helligso at 402-559-6289 (office) or 402-559-7220 (lab) with any questions.

Pathology Materials Testing
Our testing may be used to resolve concerns regarding mislabeled pathology samples (e.g. tissue, body fluids), tissue 'floaters', or concerns about specimen mix-ups.  We are able to provide identity on fresh, as well as methanol fixed, and formalin fixed tissues.  We are also able to utilize formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissues, unstained slides, and stained slides; tissue on slides is consumed during the extraction process.

Research Services
Our laboratory provides testing to verify tissue culture cell line identity for basic science researchers. 

Confidential Testing
Information given about the parties being tested is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone without your written authorization.

Laboratory Accreditation
The Human DNA Identification Laboratory is accredited by the ANAB/ISO 17025:2017 for Forensic DNA testing.  The Director is boarded by the American Board of Pathologists in the areas of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, as well as Molecular Genetic Pathology. 

Test Samples
A variety of specimen sources may be submitted for DNA-based identification including, but not limited to: