DRC Building Modification Policy

All requests for major or minor structural changes in Durham Research Center Buildings I or II must be approved in advance, including modifications to the interior design, including but not limited to laboratory casework or counter tops, plumbing, electrical, lighting, elevators, controls, flooring, and wall hangings, and completed by an approved, licensed individual within or under direction of Facilities Management.,

 Process: To receive approval, complete page 2 with a detailed description of the requested changes, and scientific or other justification, in writing on the attached form to the Approval Committee via Julie Sommer, Research Resources Manager, DRC 1007, zip 5875. The form should also be used to request additional furniture beyond what is already furnished or repair of existing laboratory facilities.   

Timing: The approval committee meets monthly but cannot assure a request will be completed sooner than 6 months from application, including for new faculty hire, unless justification is given of need for continuation of ongoing scientific experiments.

Cost estimates: can be obtained prior to approval, but no work can be initiated until institutional approval has occurred.

Consequences if unapproved changes are made: The department will be responsible for all costs associated with returning the space to its original condition.

Specific types of requests:

        Separation of lab modules. Lab modules may be separated only if there is a valid scientific reason for the separation. The aisle between modules must not be blocked, narrowed or restricted with cabinets, desks, shelves, refrigerators, etc. The separation must be designed and approved by facilities to meet fire and life safety codes. Complete and submit a “Request for Laboratory Project Review” form to request start the process.

        Doors - Nothing is to be placed on fire doors or covering vision panels in corridor doors, as it may impede egress and may cause the door to fail prematurely. If there is a valid scientific reason for covering the window, you must complete a “Request for Laboratory Project Review” form so the proper material can be ordered and installed.

        Repair of sinks cracked by dry ice. Dry ice should never be placed in laboratory sinks as it will cause cracking. The cost of replacing laboratory sinks cracked by dry ice will be borne by the laboratory occupants 

        Countertops - Ultraviolet light will quickly degrade laboratory countertops. A protective sheet may be obtained through Facilities Management if UV light boxes are used.

        New Furniture purchases - Any purchased furniture must be approved and ordered through Facilities and match existing furniture. Existing furniture provided to the occupants is the property of the building and cannot be removed from the office without written approval. Furniture and/or laboratory equipment cannot be stored or placed in the hallway, except for the approved table/chair in the coffee/kitchenette areas. Tables and chairs cannot protrude into the corridor or interfere with exits.