Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Pave Way for New Medicines

Before a new drug comes on the market, it must first pass through rigorous cellular, animal and finally human testing - or clinical trials.

Clinical trials determine how well new medical approaches work in people.  Each study attempts to answer scientific questions and tries to find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose or treat a disease.  Clinical trials also may compare a new treatment to a treatment already available.

UNMC maintains a database of clinical trials being performed at UNMC available from this website (see sidebar at right).  Healthcare providers or patients themselves can search to find a study specific to a particular condition or disease.

Get involved

To learn more about UNMC research, the research process, or to participate in a clinical trial contact the Research Subject Advocate Office ( or 402-559-6941).  Search the Clinical Trials  Database to see what trials are available at UNMC. 

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