UNMC Alert

The UNMC Alert emergency alert system provides critical notifications to the UNMC and Nebraska Medicine communities. 

UNMC Alert, a cutting-edge system powered by RAVE Mobile Safety, sends critical alerts and notifications to UNMC students, faculty and staff, and to Nebraska Medicine colleagues during emergencies in Omaha.

These alerts include active shooter and armed intruder situations, tornado warnings, potential hazards and other critical situations. 

UNMC students and employees at locations outside of Omaha have access to these alert systems:

UNMC Alert offers individual notifications, including text, phone and email, as well as notifications through digital signs, computer crawlers and a mobile app. This multifunctional approach increases the likelihood that emergency information is received promptly, allowing individuals to take appropriate actions to safeguard themselves and others.

Employees and students are automatically opted into UNMC Alert using contact information in internal systems, such as SAP and WorkDay. These UNMC-Nebraska Medicine community members may log in with their UNMC or Nebraska Medicine credentials to update or verify their contact information. They also may select how to be notified, such as texts, emails or phone calls.

“The service allows for critical communication and provides everyone with information needed to stay safe or take precautions during emergency situations.”

Charlotte Evans, UNMC police chief

Charlotte Evans

Chief of Police, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine

Mobile App

UNMC Alert mobile app opening screen

The UNMC Alert mobile app complements the emergency notification system, providing users with advanced safety resources on their mobile devices.

The app is available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Features of the app include:

  • Emergency contact button in case of a crisis, which serves as a “mobile blue light phone.” 
  • Friend walk, which allows users to send real-time locations to contacts.  
  • An emergency preparedness guide  
  • A form for reporting a concern. 
  • Campus map and other features. 

Members of the public and visitors to campus also may use the UNMC Alert mobile app to access public aspects of the app, including emergency alerts.