Dental Hygiene Rotations

Dental Hygiene student providing care

Throughout their educational program, Dental Hygiene students are provided with a wide variety of rotation opportunities outside the classroom and clinic to practice clinical procedures learned to date as well as engage in professional experiences they will encounter after graduation.

Junior dental hygiene students begin their clinical rotations by participating in sealant programs in the Lincoln Public School system. Additional experiences outside the College of Dentistry are provided at Lincoln Lancaster County Health and a local private practice. In-house departmental rotations are provided in the pediatrics area of Growth and Development and Oral Surgery in Surgical Specialties. 

Senior dental hygiene students continue to participate in sealant programs administered by the department in Omaha Public Schools. Their opportunities are expanded to work under the direction of licensed dental professionals in dental clinics at the Nebraska’s State Penitentiary, the Good Neighbor Health Center in Columbus, Nebraska, and at three different nursing homes in the rural communities of Seward and Milford. Senior’s in-house experiences take place alongside dental students in Admissions Treatment Planning (ATP) to assess new College of Dentistry patients. Dental hygiene students are also given the opportunity to observe and assist periodontal residents within the department of Surgical Specialties.

West Division junior and senior dental hygiene students participate in sealant programs at the elementary schools in Gering, Scottsbluff and surrounding communities. They also travel to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to administer a sealant program on a two-day experience. West Division students travel to Lincoln for two four-day opportunities to participate in rotations experienced by their Lincoln classmates.

Finally, all senior dental hygiene students, Lincoln and West Division, spend three days at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha to observe and/or assist the dental director of General Practice Residency (GPR) and residents in the GPR Clinic and operating room; the Maxillofacial Prosthodontists; and provide services to pedodontic patients at the Munroe-Meyer’s Institute and Children’s Hospital.