Box Cloud Storage for Research Data

Box is a storage and collaboration service that gives researchers the ability to access, store, and share research data securely — anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Cost Information

Box account annual fee ( $115/user) will be billed for the usage in each year from Oct to Sep ( No Proration).

Need Help with Box?

For answers to frequently asked questions regarding using Box, see the UNMC Box FAQ page.

UNMC Box is supported directly by Box's customer service using their support website or toll free number (1-855-570-4130), available 24/7 for questions or issues with using Box.

The UNMC ITS Help desk ( or 402-559-7700) is available to help if you have login problems or if you have other desktop related issues that are affecting Box access.

For Box billing and UNMC-specific box policies, please contact, who will respond within 2-5 business days.

Any service and support on data management including upload, download, changing user permissions, and distribution to other users are considered as additional RITO services, which are subject to a fee (Core Rates).

Box Cloud License Un-Subscription

UNMC box user has full rights and responsibilities to the data in the box account. Please click here to login UNMC Box account using your UNMC ID and password to review data in your account before sending the deletion request using the link provided below. Individual researcher must fill the deletion request form that has some critical questions on what to do with data while closing the account. One exception is that the PI can request Box account deletion for whom directly reports to him/her.

Should you no longer need your box account, please submit the box account close request using the link below to avoid renewal charge.