Research Data Storage

Data Storage Services Provided by RITO

Enterprise HIPAA-Compliant Storage

Storage space can be purchased at $499.00 / TB / year. This storage space is mainly geared towards data that are PHI or HIPAA compliant, but researchers can use this space for other types of data also.

Researchers are encouraged to purchase storage space in 1 TB increments. Please contact us to purchase storage space

Non-HIPAA Value Storage at the Holland Computing Center

The Peter Kiewit Institute's Holland Computing Center (HCC) is part of the University of Nebraska System, which we have partnered with to offer value-pricing for storage of non-HIPAA or non-PHI compliant data. The rate is

And includes daily backups to our Lincoln datacenter. Currently this storage option requires the use of the SFTP protocol to transfer files to HCC, meaning users must use a program like WinSCP to copy data to the storage server.

Cloud Storage

The required method for storing Research Data in the cloud is using Box. For more information or to set up an account, visit our Box Cloud Storage page.

Technical Support for Data Storage