Research Data Storage

Data Storage Services Provided by RITO

Enterprise HIPAA-Compliant Storage

Each research faculty member is offered 25 GB of free storage space that is replicated automatically to a remote site. Additional storage space can be purchased at $499.00 / TB / year. This storage space is mainly geared towards data that are PHI or HIPAA compliant, but researchers can use this space for other types of data also.

Researchers are encouraged to purchase storage space in 1 TB increments. Please contact us to purchase storage space or to request the free 25 GB storage space.

Non-HIPAA Value Storage at the Holland Computing Center

The Peter Kiewit Institute's Holland Computing Center (HCC) is part of the University of Nebraska System, which we have partnered with to offer value-pricing for storage of non-HIPAA or non-PHI compliant data. The rate is $250.00 / TB / year, and includes daily backups to our Lincoln datacenter. Currently this storage option requires the use of the SFTP protocol to transfer files to HCC, meaning users must use a program like WinSCP to copy data to the storage server.

Cloud Storage

UNMC has partnered with Box for cloud storage. The RITO has a limited number of user accounts available, with accounts currently priced at $35 / month for unlimited storage of files smaller than 5 GB each. Account holders login to Box with their UNMC email address and UNMC password. As with any cloud storage solution, performance is limited to UNMC's total network bandwidth to the Internet, but this service may be ideal for those who do not require high throughput for their data storage needs.

Box account holders who wish to share their accounts with other people (such as colleagues and staff) should consult this document, which may make it feasible to share that one account with others without having to pay for additional accounts. Box account holders should be able to share their data with other Box users using the standard collaboration tools available within the Box website and mobile apps.

We recommend the Box Sync app for users who wish to have a folder on their computer automatically synchronize with Box, otherwise users can use the standard file upload/download functionality within the Box website and mobile app.

To learn more about BOX Cloud Resources, visit these sites
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•          Video library
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Box Seminar 

We recently organized a box cloud seminar by IBM on July 21st, 2016 in UNMC. Those who missed the seminar can access the video link here :

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